International Student

Identification Documents

  • Passaport or ID card;
  • Visa to study in Portugal;
  • Statement of commitment of the residence permit;
  • Document attesting to the completion of secondary education or equivalent;
  • Accommodation in private residence or apartment agreed with the School;
  • School and / or international health insurance;
  • Currency used in Portugal – Euro;
  • The costs of living- prices are generally lower than in the rest of Europe. The national minimum wage is € 495.00. The average price of a restaurant meal is 10-15 Euros.
  • Time:
    • Standard time zone: UTC / GMT no difference
    • Summer time: + 1 hour
    • Difference in current time zone: UTC / GMT Time 1 hour
    • Abbreviation of the time zone: WEST


The climate is maritime temperate with warm summers and mild winters, many sunny days throughout the year. Small temperature range 35/10 degrees Celsius.