International Student

Preparatory courses were designed for international students who wish to apply to study at ISLA-Santarém and need to acquire Portuguese language skills and later take internal admission exams.

Note: Applies to students from countries that do not have Portuguese as an official language.

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The Preparatory Course is a study program for international students, which aims to:

  • Prepare International students for the specific academic qualification verification tests, foreseen in the International Student Statute and in the applicable internal regulations;
  • Prepare the international students for the access and enrolment in Portuguese higher education;
  • Promote the academic and social integration of students applying through the special competition for access and admission under the International Student Status.


In order to prepare for the tests for verification of specific academic qualifications or for the entrance examinations to Portuguese higher education, students must enroll in 2 compulsory subjects and 1 or 2 optional subjects depending on the tests or set of tests for enrollment in the higher education course they intend to enroll in later:

a) Compulsory Subjects:

  • Portuguese (120h)
  • Portuguese Culture (60h)

b) Optional Subject(s) to choose according to the Higher Education course that is intended to attend later designated as entrance examinations. (If the student does not have the condition to enter Higher Education in the country of origin).

Course you intend to attend Subject(s)

Human Resource Management

Commercial Management

Business Process and Operations Management

Tourism Management

Economics or Mathematics

Computer Science for Business Management Mathematics
Engineering Work Safety

Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry


Note: The optional courses have a duration of 60 hours.

How it works

The preparatory course lasts 5 months (February to July).

Being 10 the minimum number of students for the course opening.

Application deadline

Applications are open until march 31, 2023.

The beginning of this course is planned for april 2023.

Application documents

After completing and submitting the application form the applicant shall be requested via e-mail the following documents:

  • Document proving qualification for access to higher education in the country of origin, when it comes to international students;
  • Documentary proof of completion of high school or equivalent;
  • Personal identification document - passport or another legally equivalent document.


Application fee: 25€

Insurance: 40€

Tuition fees

Total amount to be paid at the beginning of the course (with admission/enrollment): €1,400