Courso accredited by A3ES | Process ACEF/1718/0902292

Duration / Degree or diploma awarded / ECTS

2 Years (4 Semester) / Master / 120 ECTS

Lectured in Portuguese or English 

Course Director


PhD. Ricardo Vardasca

Adicional Informations

243 305 880 / 935 048 806


The economic and social development associated with the accelerated digitalization of the economy has projected the activities related to web technologies and systems, which have taken on increasingly complex and demanding dimensions of intervention, with very specificities and scopes of technical action. The sophistication of processes and methods implies an ever-increasing level of competence. Generalist skills are no longer enough; it is essential to master specific technical, scientific, and behavioral skills.

Thus, the master's degree in Web Technologies and Systems Engineering aims to provide graduates with a specialization of professional nature, through updated and advanced training in technical and scientific fields related to computer sciences, also providing them with skills that enable them to develop applied research.


The Master in Web Technologies and Systems Engineering aims to train professionals and researchers enabling them to acquire a professional specialization in the scientific area of the study cycle that will allow them to:

  • Apply knowledge and skills of understanding and solving problems in new situations, in broad and multidisciplinary contexts, in many cases in a research context;
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge, deal with complex issues, develop solutions or make judgments in situations of limited or incomplete information, including reflections on the ethical and social implications and responsibilities that result from these solutions and judgments;
  • Be able to communicate their conclusions, and knowledge, both to experts and non-experts, in a clear and unambiguous manner;
  • Acquire skills that will enable lifelong learning in a self-directed or autonomous way.


  • To deepen knowledge about the foundational bases of design and development of Web-based software solutions;
  • Acquire and deepen knowledge about the design of database architectures and intelligent systems;
  • Acquire knowledge about the methodologies for searching and processing information on systems and Web technologies.
  • Acquire knowledge to enable them to design, develop and maintain Web-based systems generating software solutions for platforms, web, and mobile, in an integrated and secure way.
  • Ability to create original applied research;
  • Develop solutions to new and complex problems;
  • Work in multidisciplinary contexts;
  • Communicate clearly and effectively the results of research and projects;
  • Master management methodologies in national and international contexts;
  • Learn throughout life autonomously.

Career Prospects

The Master in Web Technologies and Systems Engineering aims to provide students with the technical knowledge and operational and strategic skills in the areas of web technologies and systems that will enable them to intervene in increasingly complex and demanding contexts, in the performance of functions in private companies or public organizations, as well as the performance of teaching and/or research functions.


There are 20 places each at ISLA Santarém and ISLA Gaia (the course's opening depends on a minimum number of enrollments).

Entry Requirements

Students who do not have Portuguese nationality to apply for master's programs must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree;
  • Deliver the documentation listed below;
  • The diplomas and certificates must reliably show the circumstances of their issue and must be authenticated by the Portuguese Consulate in the issuing country or, where appropriate, apostilled, in accordance with the Hague Convention and translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator when they are in a language other than Portuguese, Spanish, French or English.

Documentation to be submitted

  • Copy of passport;
  • Graduation Diploma (Certificates attesting to a degree);
  • Certificates attesting to having passed courses that do not confer a degree, but are taught in higher education institutions, national or foreign, in the area of the master's degree;
  • Undergraduate transcripts;
  • Curriculum Vitae, dated and signed, preferably in a DeGóis, FCT-SI,G or similar model;
  • Motivation Letter

Further studies

Masters in Web Technologies and Systems Engineering have access to 3rd cycle (doctoral) degrees in computer science and related scientific areas.

Equipment and Facilities

The Institution has multiple spaces suitable for teaching and training and particularly to the courses it provides at the level of theoretical training, as well as at the level of practical and laboratory training.

The master's degree course in Web Technologies and Systems Engineering has classrooms, computer labs, Cisco networking lab and simulator, Microsoft Campus agreement (including Windows Server, SQL Server, etc.), AWS Academy, Fujitsu Hardware Lab with real servers and for virtualization, JAVA, C#, Python, Android Studio, Fluter/Dart programming packages, etc. Online libraries: Ebsco, Proquest and all the necessary and adequate conditions for the respective curricular units. Students also have access to the Library, Study Room, Bar and Canteen.

IG TEC mestrado

Additionally, the institution has free Wi-Fi covering all facilities; fixed video projector in all rooms and laboratories, computers (requisition), PHC software for business simulation, Microsoft Campus Agreement (includes free Office 365 for students), Digital Secretary (NETPA), and Zoom and Moodle platforms to support the teaching/learning process.


  • After-labor: Fridays (19h00-23h00) and Saturdays (9h00-13h00 and 14h00-18h00)

Authorized Document

Despacho n.º 9371/2020

Programme Structure

1.º Year - 1.º semestre 
Web Programming 6
Data Knowledge Extraction 6
Interaction Design  6 
Information Systems Planning and Development  6 
Option 1 (one of the optional Course Units) 6
1.º Year - 2.º semester ECTS
Advanced Web Programming 6
Artificial Intelligence 6
Research Methodologies 6
Mobile Application Development 6
Option 2 (one of the optional Course Units) 6
Total 60
2.º Ano - 1.º semestre
Subjects ECTS
Seminars 10
Dissertation / Project / Internship - Part I 20
2.º Ano - 2.º semestre
Subjects ECTS
Dissertation / Project / Internship - Part II 30
Total 60
Virtual and Augmented Reality 6
Cloud Computing 6
Computer Security 6
Digital Marketing and E-Commerce 6
Content Management Systems 6
Distributed Systems 6
Open Source Software 6

Postgraduate diploma award

Students who complete the 1st year of the course are awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Web Technologies.

Tuition Fee

The monthly tuition fee is:

1º Year       229,95 € x 11 monthly installments
2º Year   184,80 € x 11 monthly installments


Upon enrollment, the International Students must pay the first two monthly fees, based on the number of ECTS enrollments in the academic year, considering a minimum of 20 ECTS enrollments per academic semester. Until the payment of this amount, no declarations will be issued to the student, namely the declaration to obtain a student visa.

Students can choose to pay the tuition fee in one installment, until 8 September 2022, benefiting from a 3% discount. 


School Year 2024-2025

Application fee €350
Enrollment fee €210
Enrollment renovation €210
Insurance €45