International Student

Even though attending higher education in your country you can ask to transfer or change your course and study in Portugal in the ISLA Santarém.

What is a transfer?

It is the act by which a student is enrolled in the same course but in a different establishing of higher education, and being there an interruption of the enrollment in higher education course;

What is a change of course?

It is when a student enrolls in a different course from the previous year, in the same institution or a different one, and being there an interruption of the enrollment in higher education course;

Needed Documents?

  • Copy of ID;
  • Taxpayer Card;
  • 1 Photo;

Original Documents

Certificate of Education Higher Education * (indicating the subjects in which approval was obtained) or;
Registration Statement (in case there is no intention in requiring accreditation of competences from the subjects already made);
NOTE: These documents are issued by the attended school (or) must be recognized by the diplomatic representation or existing Portuguese consulate in that country and translated by an official translator (except documents in Spanish, French and English).

Acceptance of Applications

Applications for Change or transfers may be accepted if the applicants meet a condition of access, available registrations and meeting the enrollment deadlines.

Application Dates

STAGEDatesPlacement results
03-01-2022 to 07-02-2022 04-03-2022
29-01-2022 to 25-02-2022 25-03-2022
26-02-2022 to 01-04-2022 13-05-2022
02-04-2022 to 29-04-2022 24-05-2022
30-04-2022 to 27-05-2022 01-07-2022
28-05-2022 to 01-07-2022 29-07-2022
02-07-2022 to 26-08-2022 23-09-2022
27-08-2022 to 23-09-2022 21-10-2022