Courso accredited by A3ES | Process Nº ACEF/1819/1300111 of 18/03/2021

Duration / Degree or Diploma awarded / ECTS

3 Years (6 Semester) / Degree / 180 ECTS

Lectured in Portuguese or English 

Course Director


 PhD. Fernando Bento 

Adicional Informations

243 305 880 / 935 048 806

Entry Requirements

To be able to apply to ISLA Santarém you must be an:

  • International student outside European Union (EU)
  • International student from European Union (EU)
  • PALOP Student
  • Brazilian Student
  • Nacional Student

Access Conditions

International students may apply for enrolment and registration in the study courses if they:

Hold a qualification that gives access to higher education, understood as any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority attesting to the passing of an education program and entitling them to apply for and be able to enter higher education in the country in which it was conferred;

Hold a Portuguese secondary education diploma or legally equivalent qualification.

Admission Conditions

  • Know the language or languages in which teaching will take place;
  • Have specific academic qualifications for admission to that study cycle;
  • Take the internal entrance examinations required for the course they intend to attend. The dates and syllabus for the exams are set annually by the university;
  • Have an application score equal to, or higher than, the minimum value set by the ISLA Santarém: 9.5 values.

The International Student Competition applies to students outside the European Union who do not hold a higher education degree and wish to attend a degree course at ISLA Santarém – Higher Institute of Management and Administration.


The degree in Management Information Systems aims to train professionals in the area of Information Systems and Management able to perform their professional activity with a high level of technical and scientific competence.

This training offer is the only offer in the region where the institute is inserted that reconciles and articulates the teaching of computer sciences with business sciences providing graduates a multidisciplinary training that qualifies them to act in organizational contexts seeking to fill an increasing need in organizations, which is to bring together the business areas with the strategic support areas the information systems. The languages of these areas are different, so only employees capable of understanding how companies structure and position themselves in their markets, associated with technological knowledge, will be able to enhance a perfect Technology-Business alignment.

To this extent, it is intended that graduates become professionals able to use, design, develop and monetize Information Systems to support public or private organizations, through the knowledge and applications of the various aspects of Information Systems Management, whether the strategic component, financial, management control, or systems integration.


The degree in Management Information Systems aims to provide updated and advanced training in order to train graduates with the ability to meet the current challenges of organizations and their Information and Management Systems. Specifically, it intends that at the end of the study cycle the graduates will be able to:

  • Master, at a fundamental and application level, the techniques associated with computer systems;
  • Understand and apply models of organization, storage, and modeling of data;
  • Integrate the management of information systems in the logic of organizational strategy;
  • Understand the concepts and fundamental notions of business planning and strategy;
  • Understand the organizational needs that allow them to find the best solutions to the level of organizational support information systems;
  • Understand the organizational needs that allow them to find the best solutions to the level of organizational support information systems;
  • To enable the training and updating of knowledge related to the profile of functions in -the area of management computing;
  • Provide future graduates the skills to make them able to manage, use, edit and analyze information to support decision-making at the conceptual and abstract level in the context of management activities.

Additional International Level Certificates

During the course, at no additional cost, students have access to the technologies and certifications available through ISLA IT Academy.

IG TEC1 novo

Reasons to attend this course

  • Our courses are accredited by A3ES for the maximum number of years;
  • Access a professional status of high market potential, able to connect business with the world of Information Systems in companies;
  • Have access to various additional training throughout the course which stands out as the CCNA Cisco certification, internationally recognized;
  • Have access to the Erasmus+ mobility program in Europe;
  • Have access to professional internships in companies in the country or abroad;
  • Develop project work at the end of the course in a business environment;
  • Attend a course with a high rate of employability (around 100%)
  • Interact with a faculty with high academic qualifications and relevant professional experience.

Career Prospects

Graduates in Management Information Systems will be able to perform a wide range of functions such as:

  • Responsible for IT Department in public and private companies/organizations;
  • Information Systems Management;
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Systems Analyst/Administrator;
  • Software Project Management
  • Database Administrator
  • Analyst/Programmer;
  • Responsible for Information Systems Security;
  • Auditor of Information Systems;
  • Teacher and/or researcher.

Further Studies

Graduates in Management Information Systems may enter 2nd cycle (master's) courses in the scientific areas of informatics and/or management.

Equipment and Facilities

Our Institute has multiple spaces suitable for teaching and training, particularly the courses it provides at the level of theoretical training and the level of practical and laboratory training.

The Management Information Systems course has Classrooms Computer Labs, Cisco Networking Lab and Simulator, Microsoft Campus agreement (including Windows Server, SQL Server, etc.), Fortinet Cybersecurity Lab, Fujitsu Hardware Lab with real servers and for virtualization, ARIS (BPM), C++, JAVA, C#, Python, etc. programming packages and all the necessary and appropriate conditions for the respective curricular units. Students also have access to the Library, Study Room, Bar and Canteen.

Additionally, the institution has free WiFi covering all facilities; a fixed video projector in all rooms and laboratories, computer (requisition), PHC software for business simulation, Microsoft Campus Agreement (includes free Office 365 for students) Digital Secretary (NETPA), and Zoom and Moodle platforms to support the teaching/learning process.


25 (course opening subject to a minimum number of enrollments)


  • Post-labor
  • Daytime

Authorized Document

Scientific field

Computer Sciences | Management and Administration

Programme Structure

Matemátics I 6
Organizational Management 6
Fundamentals of Economy 6
English 5
Algorithms and Data Structures 7
Mathematics II 6
Programming Languages I 5
Architecture and Computer Operation 6
Databases 7
Information Systems for Management 6
  Total 60
Accounting Fundamentals 6
Operational Systems 5
Statistics 5
Networks and Data Communications I 6
Programming Languages II 5
Software Engineering 3
Analytical and Management Accounting 6
Business Strategy and Planning 5
Project Management and Coordination 6
Networks and Data Communications II 7
Web Technologies and Pratices 6
  Total 60
Financial Management 5
Decision Support System (DSS) 5
Analysis of Systems 4
E-Marketing and E-Commerce 6
Concept Project 6
Systems Administration 4
Auditing and Computer Security 4
Law and Ethics of Information Society 5
Quality Management 4 a)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4 a)
Development Project  12
  Total 60

a) Students choose one of the options

Tuition Fee

The monthly tuition fee is €313 x 11 monthly installments

Upon enrollment, the International Students must pay the first two monthly fees, based on the number of ECTS enrollments in the academic year, considering a minimum of 20 ECTS enrollments per academic semester. Until the payment of this amount, no declarations will be issued to the student, namely the declaration to obtain a student visa.

Students can choose to pay the tuition fee in one installment, until 8 September 2022, benefiting from a 3% discount.