Course accredited by A3ES - Accredited for 6 Years | Process nº PERA/1920/1300121 de 30-07-2020

Duration / Degree or Diploma awarded / ECTS

3 Years (6 Semester) / Degree / 180 ECTS

Lectured in Portuguese or English 

Course Director


 PhD. João Farinha

Adicional Informations

243 305 880 / 935 048 806

Entry Requirements

To be able to apply to ISLA Santarém you must be an:

  • International student outside European Union (EU)
  • International student from European Union (EU)
  • PALOP Student
  • Brazilian Student
  • Nacional Student

Access Conditions

International students may apply for enrolment and registration in the study courses if they:

  • Hold a qualification that gives access to higher education, understood as any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority attesting to the passing of an education program and entitling them to apply for and be able to enter higher education in the country in which it was conferred;
  • Hold a Portuguese secondary education diploma or legally equivalent qualification.


The degree in Management - Business Processes and Operations is an innovative and unique offer at the level of higher education in Portugal that aims to prepare highly qualified professionals to meet the challenges of business management in a highly competitive context, in which traditional training no longer correspond to the needs of the labor market.

To this end, it offers multidisciplinary training aimed at preparing professionals with basic management skills and specific skills in logistics and distribution, services, quality, environment, energy, and technology, so that they can manage, in an integrated way, the processes and operations on which management is based.


This degree aims to train graduates with the following skills:

  • Master the techniques and methods associated with logistics and distribution management;
  • Plan, manage and control business operations;
  • Master the processes of financial management and accounting of companies;
  • Use the techniques of process management in a business context;
  • Mastering the processes of people management;
  • Manage information systems associated with business management;
  • Mastering the tools of e-marketing and e-commerce;
  • Master the techniques and tools associated with the management of production and operations;
  • Mastering the techniques and tools of project management;
  • Manage the processes associated with the maintenance management;
  • Know the techniques of inventory management and know the dynamics of supply chains;
  • Present a responsible perspective, based on scientific knowledge, concerning areas relevant to business performance such as environmental systems and energy.

Reasons to attend this course

  • Our courses are accredited by A3ES for the maximum number of years;
  • You can have access to the Erasmus+ mobility program in Europe;
  • Have access to internships in companies in the country or abroad;
  • Develop work and project at the end of the course in a business environment;
  • Attend a course with an employability rate much higher than the national average.
  • Have access to highly qualified teaching staff with high professional experience.

Additional International Level Certificates

During the course, at no additional cost, students have access to the technologies and certifications available through ISLA IT Academy.


Career Prospects

This cycle of studies aims to develop competencies that will enable to successful carrying out of the professional activities corresponding to the curricular profiles taught, as well as the continuation of the academic pathway.

Graduates will be able to perform a wide range of functions, including:

  • Business management and consulting;
  • Logistics and distribution management
  • Supply chain management;
  • Operations and process management in industry and services;
  • Financial management and accounting processes of companies;
  • Project management and/or quality;
  • Management of technological systems;
  • Management of marketing operations and e-commerce;
  • Management of environmental systems and energy;
  • Teacher and/or researcher.

Further Studies

Graduates in Management - Business Processes and Operations have access to 2nd cycle courses and can choose to enter the master's degree in the scientific areas of management.

Equipment and Facilities

Our Institute has multiple spaces suitable for teaching and training, particularly the courses it provides at the level of theoretical training and the level of practical and laboratory training.

The Management - Business Processes and Operations course has Classrooms, Computer Labs, SPSS, and AMOS packages for statistical data processing and all the necessary and appropriate conditions for the respective curricular units. Students also have access to the Library, Study Room, Bar, and Canteen.

Additionally, the institution has free WiFi covering all facilities; a fixed video projector in all rooms and laboratories, computer (requisition), PHC software for business simulation, Microsoft Campus Agreement (includes free Office 365 for students) Digital Secretary (NETPA), and Zoom and Moodle platforms to support the teaching/learning process.


30 (course opening subject to a minimum number of enrollments)


  • Post-labor
  • Daytime

Authorized Document

Scientific field

Management and Administration

Programme Structure

1º Year
Mathematics I 6
Organizational Management 6
Introduction to Marketing 6
Fundamentals of Economy 6
Accounting Fundamentals 6
Mathematics II 6
Introducing of Computing 5
Analytical and Management Accounting 6
Managing People in Organizations 7
Environmental management systems 6
  Total 60
2º Year
Maintenance management 6
Operational Research 6
Manufacturing Processes and Materials Technologies 6
Information Systems for Management 5
Logistics and Distribution 7
Operation and Production Management 6
Analysis and Data Management 6
Stock Management 5
Project Management and Coordination 6
Supply Chain Management 7
  Total 60
3º Year
E-Marketing and E-Commerce 7
Financial Management 5
Analysis and Modelling of Processes 5
Safety at work 5
Conception Project 8
Business Strategy and Planning 4
Energy Management 6
Quality Management 4
Brand Management 4 a)
Inovation and Entreperneurship 4 a)
Development Project in Industrial Management and Logistics 12
  Total 60

a) Students choose one of the options

Propina anual

The monthly tuition fee is €313,00 x 11 monthly installments

Upon enrollment, the International Students must pay the first two monthly fees, based on the number of ECTS enrollments in the academic year, considering a minimum of 20 ECTS enrollments per academic semester. Until the payment of this amount, no declarations will be issued to the student, namely the declaration to obtain a student visa.

Students can choose to pay the tuition fee in one installment, until 8 September 2022, benefiting from a 3% discount.