International Student

Why Study in ISLA Santarém?

ISLA - The Higher Institute of Management and Administration of Santarém is a private institute, located in Santarém (60 kms from Lisbon) being part of the universe of institutions of the Lusofóna Group - the Portuguese largest private higher education group.

During the 30 years of existence, ISLA Santarém has maintained an attitude of innovation in several areas of education such as courses in the areas of process management and business operations, logistics and distribution, business management, tourism, IT management and Work Safety, graduation over more than 2500 students.

ISLA Santarem has technological specialization courses, undergraduate and master's degrees, and assigns postgraduate diplomas in areas affiliated with its roots. The main goal of our teaching is to ensure a solid scientific, technical and humanistic learning that enables graduates to exercise their profession and citizenship.

ISLA Santarém has a high level of faculty with more than 50% of teachers with PhD and experience in international development projects - Leonardo da Vinci program. Currently ISLA holds the European ERASMUS + accreditation 2014-2020.

All courses at the institution are accredited by A3ES, the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education Portuguese. Additionally, ISLA Santarém is a training provider accredited by DGERT (General Direction of Employment and Workplace Relations) and recognized by the ACT (Authority for Working Conditions) in the areas of work safety and by the Order of Technical Engineers (in the area Work Safety Engineering).

International Student

  1. An international student is a student who has no Portuguese nationality.
  2. According to the previous point, the following are not considered international students if:
    1. Nationals of an EU member state ;
    2. Students that not being nationals of any country of the European Union, legally live in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, on the 31st of August of the year in which they wish to enroll in the Higher Education, as well as children that live with them legally;
    3. Students that want to enroll in Higher Education through the special regimes of access and enrolment regulated by Law-Decree nr. 393 – A/99 of the 2nd of October and changed by the Law-Decree nr. 272/2009 of the 1st of October.
  3. They are not also covered by the concept of international student international students who are attending a cycle of studies within a program of international mobility, to carry out part of it in a foreign higher education institution with whom the ISLA-Santarém has established exchange agreement with that goal.

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  • Belong to the Lusophone Group - the Portuguese largest private higher education group;
  • We have a unique and distinctive international dimension;
  • We have an excellent level of employability and satisfaction among our students and alumni;
  • We exchange and international mobility (Erasmus + and Leonardo Da Vinci programs) and international training programs;
  • We have a highly qualified faculty staff;
  • Education and Research.